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Elegant Wedding Of Andy And Steven

Andy and Steven picked a very urban yet Historic venue with The Driskill Hotel in Downtown Austin. They wanted to "bring the outdoors in" without disturbing all the intricate features of a distinguished space. We kept the color palette very neutral to enhance the browns and marbles of the space.

My favorite part of their outfits was definitely the leather suspenders, I loved the combination of that rustic elegance with their Black Tie affair.

Being that there were two grooms, we didn't make anything extra feminine and put a lot of the focus on the cigar bar, which was styled to perfection! Gypsy Floral took a multi level shelf and completed it with the cigars and lighters of course, but also with beautiful, hand made custom signage, personal decanters from the couple, and fresh floral.

The in house chairs at The Driskill may not work for most weddings which have pops of color or try to modernize the Mezzanine there, however, they fit in seamlessly with Andy and Steven's look of Old World with a touch of Greenery.

The ceremony took place in front of the 19th Century Fireplace adorned with greenery and lanterns to elevate the space somewhat, but really not interfere too much with the original aesthetic.

Part of bringing the outdoors included Lawn Games in a Hotel Ballroom, they didn't even look out place! And absolutely added to the fun of the evening.

Simplicity and elegance was the main idea behind this event design, which also applied to the send off. The newlyweds simply exited the hotel under a bridge of spirit fingers from their guests!

Sophie Epton, aka my Girl Crush, took amazing images that I still can’t get over. Complete Music provided the DJ and Photobooth, both of whom were so polite and professional. Not to say that others in the industry aren’t, they were just exceptionally nice.

The whole wedding was exceptional in my opinion, I think everything simply aligned together perfectly with everyone involved and it almost felt like a dream and not work. I must say, this is very rarely the case. While I love all the other weddings we do, there’s definitely days were you’re a little more exhausted from being on your feet than others, and this wasn’t one of those times. Maybe we just all made the perfect Dream Team, including the couple...or maybe it was the vendor fridge of Dr. Pepper just for me :)

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