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Exclusive Wedding Of Cara And Stephany At Camp Lucy

Camp Lucy’s Ian’s Chapel and Event Center always makes a perfect backdrop for weddings, but Cara and Stephany’s mid-afternoon ceremony really stood out. Not only was it a sea of beautiful dresses (only ladies as part of the ceremony with the exception of their officiant), but the flowers were simply stunning with an array of orchids other beautiful whites. Siobhan from Whim florals truly did outdo herself on the floral design!

As many weddings as we’ve done, it was my first time to see a truly “cascading” bridal bouquet, which is the one Cara had. It was truly gorgeous...and heavy! Both ladies looked breathtaking on their big day, but I couldn’t stop admiring Stephany’s tool sleeves, they just really stood out to me!

Cara and her family are from the UK, her mother Tamzin handled a lot of the planning as well so it was fun learning about different traditions and differences. In England, processionals typically do not include the parents vs Stateside we have a specific order for parents walking down the aisle. In the US the Bouquet toss happens during the reception while in the UK, the bouquet is tossed at the end of the evening.

It was my first time working with Matthew Stegall and he did such an amazing job capturing all the images of the evening. I was also finally able to work with Nick of Hype Rhythm DJ, who Cara really appreciated as a former late night DJ herself, she could tell Nick spent most of his time spinning at clubs!

Stephany’s father and brother looked handsome in their suits, then surprised everyone with very fun rainbow ties and cumberbuns in honor of the two brides! Cara’s side of the family looked absolutely dapper in their coattails, a fashion surely missing here in the states that looked great!

Hair and Makeup for Cara and her bridesmaids came from flAir Style Lounge. The ladies got to get ready in the hip and cool Airstream from the flAir team! Stephany and several of bridesmaids went to beauty school so enjoyed doing each other’s hair and make up and everyone looked perfect!

While everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner from Whim Catering, the dessert portion really did shine as well. Kelly from Layered Expressions came up with a rainbow cake with each layer being a different color. The icing though was white, making the colorful interior a big surprise! Speaking of suprises, Cara’s mother had all her favorite British Candies shipped in for the wedding. When Cara first saw them, she made sure to tell me “These are absolutely my favorite candies in the world”: a big success!

That was not the end of the surprises though. The brides took off in a vintage Bentley from 4 Leaf Limo, which they knew about, however Tamzin surpirsed Cara & Stephany, along with all guests, with Gerbs from Big Dog Pryo. If you haven’t heard of Gerbs yet, look up our favorite hashtag #splurgeongerbs to see them in all their glory!

Thank you so much for the Team at Whim for referring us to this wedding, it turned out beautifully!

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