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Jana and Derrick's Spurs Soirée

Jana and Derrick's love story unfolded in a magical tapestry woven with laughter, warmth, and a generous sprinkle of Spurs spirit. As the morning sun painted the hills with hues of gold, the air buzzed with anticipation at a private residence in Spring Branch, Texas.

Jana, radiant in the early light, surrounded herself with the giggles and whispers of her closest friends at the hands of the talented hair and makeup stylists from Mission Style House. Laughter echoed through the air as Lauren with Eclipse Event Co. orchestrated the final details, ensuring the canvas was set for a day that would be remembered for a lifetime.

The path that led them to Hayes Hollow at Hidden Falls – a venue that would witness the symphony of their love. Guided by the visionaries at Eclipse Event Co., the space transformed into a dreamscape. It was a choice they made after looking at numerous venues, and it became evident that no other ceremony site compared to the potential they saw in this hidden gem. Mountain Laurel Floral painted the ceremony/venue with a palette of blooms, bringing to life the dreamy vision Jana had held in her heart.

Jana and Derrick embarked on a journey that unfolded as a finely woven tapestry of intentional details. Every element in their celebration echoed a love deeply rooted in the values of family and tradition. The inspiration for their wedding crest, featuring horseshoes, was drawn from one of Derrick's tattoos, adding a personalized touch that resonated with their shared history. Their cherished fur babies, regarded as family, couldn't be excluded from the festivities and found a delightful place on the wedding koozies and beverage signs and napkins. The bride's radiant smile illuminated the scene as Derrick proudly adorned his grandfather's wedding ring—a poignant and heartfelt tribute to the man who passed down this treasured symbol of commitment. However, the most heartwarming detail emerged in the form of a framed receipt from Jana and Derrick's inaugural date, a sweet sentiment Derrick had carefully preserved and gifted to Jana on their wedding day. These thoughtfully intertwined details painted a portrait of a love story, where each nuance held significance and contributed to a celebration filled with joy and meaning.

Jenna Marie Photo and That’s Amore immortalized each moment with the click of a shutter, capturing the essence of the day.

Jana and Derrick's cocktail hour unfolded into a whimsical affair. The lush courtyard became a charming oasis for laughter and mingling, accompanied by the soulful melodies of live music courtesy of Caleb Jolley. Against this picturesque backdrop, the surprise guests of honor, two delightful alpacas, added an element of enchantment to the festivities. Texas Party Animals orchestrated this unique feature, captivating guests and creating a delightful focal point. The alpacas, in their finest accessories, became instant stars, lending a touch of novelty and charm to the cocktail hour ambiance. As guests sipped on their drinks and enjoyed delectable appetizers served by Austin Catering, the presence of these gentle creatures added an unexpected and memorable twist to Jana and Derrick's celebration, creating an atmosphere of joy and whimsy that set the tone for the evening's festivities.

The reception space underwent a breathtaking transformation, courtesy of seven decor vendors enlisted by Jana and Derrick. The couple, who held a keen appreciation for aesthetics, ensured that every visual aspect was a reflection of their dreams and desires. Within the reception space, a captivating realm emerged, brought to life by the lush greenery that adorned every nook and cranny. The seamless cohesion of the most stunning decor and thoughtfully arranged place settings created an atmosphere where every element flowed harmoniously. The heart of the celebration unfolded on a dance floor, transformed into a 24x24 black and white checked masterpiece by Mike’s Dance Floor, becoming a magnetic focal point for a night full of dancing. However, stealing the spotlight was the awe-inspiring ice luge, a dazzling creation from Amazing Ice Design. This intricately carved sculpture, embellished with the couple's personalized wedding crest, stood tall, casting an ethereal glow while cradling a cascading stream of chilled spirits—a testament to the couple's commitment to crafting an enchanting and unforgettable celebration.

Infused with the spirited essence of the Spurs, the couple's grand entrance became a captivating spectacle, unfolding to the iconic starting line-up song for the San Antonio Spurs. As an inventive twist, shirts were joyfully hand-tossed into the crowd, paying homage to the beloved game traditions. Opting for a departure from the conventional t-shirt cannons, this whimsical and lively approach was a unique manifestation of the bride's creative vision, setting the tone for a night filled with unconventional delights and boundless joy.

The magical night at Hayes Hollow unfolded with an exquisite dinner, artfully crafted and catered by Austin Catering. Guests embarked on a culinary journey, savoring a feast thoughtfully designed to reflect the unique tastes and preferences of the couple. Amidst the shared joy, the bride and groom joyfully cut the cake, a sweet interlude in the evening's festivities. As the night embraced its zenith, a quintessentially Texan late-night snack awaited – Whataburger! This beloved treat, a unanimous favorite among locals, added an extra dash of delight, leaving taste buds tingling with joy. It served as a perfect crescendo, marking the conclusion to a night filled with dancing, photo booth's, and an array of stunning evening portraits.

As the night drew to a close, it was obvious that a sparkler send-off  by Big Dog Pyro, was in order. As the couple ran through their friends and family, ATX Classic Cars awaited, carrying the newlyweds through the sea of sparklers, into the next chapter of their journey. 

Jana and Derrick's wedding day became a love-filled saga. With each chapter written by the hands of dedicated vendors, the symphony of their celebration echoed through the hills, leaving memories as timeless as the Texan landscape. Here's to love, laughter, and happily ever after, as Jana and Derrick stepped into their forever under the Texas stars.

Vendors who helped make this day possible that went unmentioned: Premiere Events, Table Manners, Inviting Pear, BBJ La Tavola, drywaterband


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