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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so...SCARED!

You should be! Excited, that is. But don't worry, there's no scary wedding monster hiding under your bed. Getting married may feel scary or overwhelming at times, but that is why we are here: to make your life easier.


I've noticed that you have several Lead Planners with varying backgrounds. How do I know what my lead planner will bring to the table?

The good news is, with Eclipse, you get the best of what everyone has to offer! For each wedding, the Lead Planner will brainstorm together with at least 1-2 other team members to find the best vendor fit for you and your fiancée. Our different backgrounds help us to offer our clients the most well-rounded planning services you could possibly have, and we are excited to do so. 

Hey, didn't I see one of your events featured on my favorite wedding blog?

Why, yes! Yes you did. We have been featured in and on several amazing wedding and event blogs, and we continue to produce blog-worthy events. We are currently one of the most widely-published event planning companies in all of Central Texas. Great observation!

What if I want to plan my own wedding?

Let us clear the air on this from the start: wedding planners don't always plan your wedding...YOU do! We are here to assure you that you will still be your own wedding architect; we are just your general contractors (who just so happen to watch a lot of HGTV). We will be the Chip to your Joanna!

How many years have you been in business?

We get asked this A LOT. Eclipse Event Co., LLC, was founded in April 2015, however, Lauren and Kristi have been planning weddings collectively for over 30 years (well, 31 years now, but who's counting?). We aren't new to the game, so rest assured that we are seasoned professionals, who are still just as psyched to plan your wedding as we were when we were brand-new interns, over 15 years ago (who now feel very old).

What training and certifications do you have?

Lauren has a certification in Meeting and Event Planning, while Kristi and Amy are Certified Wedding and Event Planners through LWPI’s Wedding Institute. A few of our planners are currently earning their CWEP designations at this very moment!

Do you provide references, testimonials, and pictures?

Sure, all you have to do is ask! We would be happy to connect you with former and current couples if that is your wish. Our testimonials are ready-to-view on multiple platforms, including The Knot and Yelp (to name a few). Photos are available on our website,, or on our social media sites, such as Instagram and Facebook. We are social [media] butterflies, so it shouldn't be hard to find us (and feel free to follow us for the latest and greatest)!

Is wedding planning your part-time or full-time job?

Good news, we are all full-time wedding and event planners! As you know, wedding plans are very time-consuming, and our weeks are spent catering to the needs of our clients, so you will always feel like a priority.

Do you work alone, with a partner, or with a team?

Each wedding or event will have a Lead Planner, and at least one Assistant Planner or Intern. We have a team of professionals ready for every event, however large or small. One of the benefits of working with us at Eclipse, is each of our Co-Owners Kristi and Lauren are aware of each and every wedding that is happening with Eclipse, even if they aren't your main point of contact. So rest assured, if you have questions, one or all of us should be able to answer them for you!

How many weddings do you plan at a time?

Each Planner only commits to 2 weddings or events per month to ensure that every couple receives the time and attention they deserve for their big day. We only take on events up to 18 months out from the event date, and The Final Countdown Event Management package is limited to 12 months out from your event date.

What services do you provide?

We offer three main "packages" for weddings: Event Management (sometimes referred to as a "Day of" or "Month Of" package), a "Full Service" package, and "The Mix": a middle package that offers you the flexibility to do some of the major planning and still be able to relax without having to worry about a lot of the smaller details. We also offer Social Event Planning, Corporate Event Planning, and Proposal Planning.

Do you have packages that save money?

Our packages start at $2900+, but if you are only looking for a jumping-off point, our Lead Planners are available for consultations at an hourly rate to help answer questions and direct you to some amazing vendors. If you are looking to save some money on a package, we recommend calling us to discuss the inner-workings of your big day in further detail.

We respect and honor our men and women in uniform, and are happy to extend a 10% military discount to all veterans. Proof of active US Military ID, Retiree ID, or a DD214 required.

Do you meet with vendors and validate vendor contracts and “Day Of” commitments?

Within the scope of any of our packages we obtain vendor contracts from your list of hired vendors to look over and ensure all promises are kept and contracts are honored as they appear in writing.

Can you work with a limited budget?

Absolutely! Part of our job as Full Service planners is to maximize your budget to its fullest potential.

What is your attire for the wedding day and other events?

All black clothing, professional hair and makeup, flat shoes, and typically radios for communicating behind the scenes.

What is your policy on last-minute changes or emergencies? Cancellations?

We will always make a good-faith effort to resolve any issues that may arise with last-minute changes or emergencies. That being said, cancellations will forfeit your retainer and you may still be liable for your contract payment in full, depending on the cancellation date.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept personal checks, business checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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