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Liz + Zach: A Wedding with a Sloth Appearance

It’s not often that you meet a bride like Liz. Liz is self-proclaimed laid back, but certainly had some out of the box ideas for her wedding. I first met Liz at her venue of choice, Star Hill Ranch. This decision of venue alone speaks a lot about who Liz is. The venue is a collection of old movie sets and has the appearance of a small street straight out of a western film. It’s different, it’s unique and it makes an impression. This is exactly what Liz wanted for her wedding. Liz wanted her guests to have a unique experience that they would always remember, but also create a feeling of comfort. When conducting her venue walkthrough, Liz was very open to how things would be set up. Her only requirement was that when people walked in, they felt like they were at home. This feeling was created by using an array of vintage furniture the venue provided, a kid’s table for them to play at, lots of yummy food by Pearl Snap Catering and some styling by Kitsch Event Styling.

There are a few ways that Liz expressed her creative side. Instead of cake, there was a table full of all different pies! Pie is a great way to create that feeling of comfort for your guests.

The most unique thing of all took place during the cocktail hour. What’s a better surprise to your guests than a sloth?! Yes, that’s right, a sloth! Liz had a sloth come to her wedding and it was the cutest thing you will ever see. This created excitement. Guests could come up to the sloth and pet it or take some “slothies” if you will. Yes I made that up and I love it.

Creating excitement was a key element of this wedding. In addition to the sloth, guests were given jell-o shots before the traditional bouquet and garter toss.

There was also an 8 foot long cheese display and a bananas foster flambe station & s’mores station for dessert. Liz and Zach’s guests enjoyed a night full of food, laughter and plenty of dancing.

The night ended with a high five exit. Guests departed with unforgettable memories & leftover pie.

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