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Samantha + Charles, Hotel Ella, October 14th 2023

Samantha and Charles' wedding day was a timeless celebration filled with classic vibes that beautifully complemented the vibrant colors of fall. With a backdrop as stunning as Hotel Ella, their love story came to life, and it was a day to remember, thanks to the dedicated team of vendors who made it all possible.

The day began at the elegant Hotel Ella, where Samantha and her bridesmaids were getting ready. Makeup artist Joshua Hinojos and the team from Blush N Bangs worked their magic, making the bridal party look absolutely radiant. Meanwhile, the hairstylists transformed Samantha and her bridesmaids' tresses into picture-perfect styles, ensuring everyone felt and looked their best.

Planner Tessa Johnson with Eclipse Event Co., ensured that every detail was taken care of. They managed the ceremony rehearsal, organized the rehearsal dinner at Jacoby's, and coordinated the entire day flawlessly. With their expertise, the day ran smoothly, allowing the bride and groom to enjoy their special moments.

Brittney Welch Photography captured every precious moment. From Samantha's final moments getting ready to the couple's first look, every shot was a work of art. They expertly documented the day, ensuring memories would be cherished for years to come.

As the sun began to set, the ceremony unfolded in front of the stately mansion. Grand Lady Floral had worked their magic, adorning the space with beautiful arrangements in deep fall hues. The arch stood tall and proud, a symbol of the couple's union. Bouquets in hand, the lovely couple was ready to finally say I DO.

Inside the ballroom, Hotel Ella had set the stage for an unforgettable evening. The tables were adorned with elegant linens, and the candles cast a warm glow. Grand arrangements graced the head table, a testament to the attention to detail provided by the venue.

After the heartfelt ceremony, Samantha surprised everyone by changing into a stunning second dress for the reception, embodying classic elegance with a modern twist. The gown's deep fall color complemented the decor perfectly, and it was as if she had stepped out of a fairy tale. As the couple made their grand entrance into the ballroom, the dress change added an extra touch of glamor and excitement to the evening.

The guests were treated to a delectable family-style dinner, courtesy of Hotel Ella's talented culinary team. The Caesar salad was a prelude to mouthwatering entrees that left everyone savoring each bite.

Michelle's Patisserie unveiled a stunning cake that stole the show. Layers of lemon and German chocolate delighted the taste buds, leaving guests wanting more.

Bat City Beats kept the energy high, ensuring the dance floor was never empty. Their setup, complete with a photo booth, added an element of fun to the celebration.

As the night drew to a close, a magical bubble send-off took place in front of the mansion. It was a fitting finale to a day filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

Samantha and Charles, surrounded by their loved ones, grateful for the incredible team that had made their special day a reality.


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