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What are the latest wedding dress trends?

As wedding planners who have done hundreds of weddings, we see a A LOT of wedding dresses! The latest wedding dress trends reflect a blend of classic elegance, modern sophistication, and individuality. Here are some of the top wedding dress trends we have spotted lately: and yes, these are all our real clients!

1. Statement Sleeves: Dramatic sleeves, including puff sleeves, bishop sleeves, and bell sleeves, add a touch of romance and charm to wedding dresses.

2. Minimalist Silhouettes: Clean lines, sleek fabrics, and minimalist designs have become increasingly popular, offering brides a modern and understated look.

3. Detachable Skirts and Sleeves: Versatile wedding dresses with detachable skirts or sleeves allow brides to switch up their look from ceremony to reception, offering flexibility and convenience.

4. Sheer Details: Illusion necklines, sheer bodices, and delicate overlays add a hint of sensuality and sophistication to wedding dresses:

5. High Necklines: High necklines, including mock necks, halter necks, Victorian-inspired collars, and even capes create a regal and elegant silhouette, perfect for both traditional and contemporary brides.

6. Appliques and Embellishments: Intricate appliques, 3D floral embellishments, beading, and botanical-inspired motifs add texture, depth, and a touch of whimsy to wedding dresses.

7. Plunging Necklines: Deep V-necklines and plunging necklines offer a sultry and daring look, adding a modern twist to classic silhouettes and enhancing the bride's natural curves.

8. Vintage-Inspired Details: Vintage-inspired elements, such as lace overlays, beaded embroidery, and art deco motifs, evoke old-world glamour and timeless elegance, perfect for romantic and nostalgic brides.

9. Non-Traditional Colors: Brides are embracing non-traditional colors for their wedding dresses, including soft pastels, blush tones, and even black or champagne hues, adding a unique and personal touch to their bridal look.

10. Modern Boho Vibes: Bohemian-inspired wedding dresses featuring flowy silhouettes, relaxed fabrics, and eclectic details, such as fringe, crochet, and tassel accents, offer a free-spirited and effortlessly chic aesthetic.

These wedding dress trends cater to a variety of styles and preferences, and we wouldn't have it any other way! They allow brides the opportunity to express their individuality and personality on their special day. Whether brides prefer timeless classics or contemporary designs, there's a wedding dress trend to suit every taste and vision. And this is our specialty at Eclipse Event Co...we specialize in weddings that reflect YOU!


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