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A Classic Vintage Disco Extravaganza

Experience a world where vintage charm intertwines with the infectious beat of disco fever at Laguna Gloria, as Claire and Brent's wedding day unfolds in a dazzling extravaganza of style, love, and pure magic. This one-of-a-kind celebration effortlessly blends classic elegance with the groovy spirit of the disco era, weaving together an unforgettable experience that captures the very essence of their extraordinary journey together.

From the very start, the day brimmed with excitement as the exceptional team from Eclipse Event Co., led by the talented planner Stacy, worked their magic to transform the venue into a dreamlike setting. The open floor plan lent itself perfectly to the showstopping centerpiece—a captivating checkered dance floor that beckoned guests to step outside and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of timeless charm. But this wedding was no ordinary affair—Claire and Brent wanted to infuse their classic style with a hint of vintage disco flair, and the result was nothing short of magnificent.

As the day unfolded, a symphony of vibrant colors, composed by the skilled hands of The Bloom Bar, bloomed throughout the venue. Delicate white and blush pink floral arrangements adorned every nook and cranny, from the welcoming sign to the reception tables, infusing the surroundings with an air of elegance and grace. It felt as though love itself had transformed into an exquisite bouquet, gracing every corner with its radiant beauty.

Leah Muse Photography masterfully captured every moment with finesse and artistic flair. From the intimate pre-ceremony preparations at the enchanting Hotel St. Cecilia, where Claire and her bridesmaids were beautified by the talented Erin Brown, weaving their hair and makeup into works of art, to the emotionally charged first look between the radiant bride and the beaming groom, every instant, every emotion, and every intricate detail was immortalized in stunning photographs.

The wedding ceremony, held within the picturesque amphitheater of Laguna Gloria, was accompanied by the enchanting melodies of Andrew R. Corral on the violin. The gentle notes of the Flower Duet from Lakme floated through the air, creating an ethereal backdrop as family and friends gathered to witness the heartfelt exchange of vows between Claire and Brent. Love and happiness radiated from the couple, their contagious smiles mirrored in the faces of their beloved guests.

The celebration continued with a lively cocktail hour, accompanied by the smooth jazz sounds of the David Mesquitic Quintet. Guests mingled, delighting in exquisite drinks and savoring delectable passed appetizers expertly crafted by Royal Fig Catering. The drunken meatballs, cold poached shrimp, and mushroom risotto cakes tantalized the taste buds, perfectly complementing the delightful atmosphere that filled the air.

As the sun gracefully descended below the horizon, the reception burst into life with the infectious beats provided by DJ Aidan Kennedy. The rhythmic pulse of disco-infused tunes beckoned guests to surrender to the irresistible call of the dance floor. The checkered stage of euphoria became a canvas for pure joy and unbridled celebration, as friends and family grooved to the irresistible rhythm of the night.

Adding an unexpected twist to the festivities, Extragrams ATX, a troupe of phenomenally talented drag queen performers, took the stage by storm, mesmerizing everyone with their electrifying performances. The crowd erupted in applause and laughter, reveling in the vibrant energy and unforgettable entertainment that filled the air, creating memories that would be cherished for a lifetime.

Gelato Paradiso added a touch of sweetness to the night, offering a delectable array of gelato flavors that cooled the dance floor fever and brought smiles to every face. From the tangy delight of lemon tiny tarts to the luscious decadence of buttermilk creme brulee tiny tarts, salted dark chocolate tiny tarts, blackberry mini pies, and brown sugar peach mini pies, each dessert option was a delectable indulgence.

Throughout the night, the impeccable coordination of Eclipse Event Co. ensured a seamless flow of events. The expertly crafted AV and lighting by Blue House Designs bathed the venue in a soft, romantic glow, infusing the air with an enchanting ambiance that captured hearts. Premiere Event Rentals and Loot Rentals provided the elegant furniture and vintage touches that added character and charm to the celebration, creating an atmosphere that transported guests to a bygone era of elegance and glamour.

As the night neared its end, Claire and Brent took to the dance floor one last time, sharing a romantic final dance. Surrounded by their loved ones, they swayed to the timeless melody of a disco ballad, encapsulating the sheer magic of their love story and the unforgettable evening they had shared. And as the celebration drew to a close, a dazzling display of sparklers lit up the walkway, paving the way for Claire and Brent's new journey together, embraced and supported by their cherished friends and family.


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