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Party of the Year: Rachel & Reid's Wedding Bash at Hotel Ella

The enchanting melodies of love and celebration filled the air on November 12, 2022, as Hotel Ella played host to the most grand and unforgettable wedding of the year. With 255 esteemed guests in attendance, Rachel and Reid's union was a monumental event that perfectly blended elegance, preppy vibes, and a touch of fall enchantment.

From the very beginning, this wedding was all about the party. The couple's vision was brought to life with a color palette of shades of pink, deep green, and a touch of terra-cotta, evoking chic preppy aesthetics while embracing the autumn spirit. Rachel’s invitations were inspired by Sophia Bush's wedding invitation, and Rachel, in particular, was determined to find the perfect shade of green. This hue would be the heartbeat of their wedding, a thread woven through every detail.

The magic was meticulously orchestrated by Kristi and her talented team at Eclipse Event Co. With their expertise, every detail was planned to perfection, ensuring that the day would be nothing short of extraordinary. But what truly set this wedding apart were the incredible vendors who played their part in creating an atmosphere of pure joy and celebration. With the first light of dawn, the bridal party gathered at Ashton Austin. Here, the expert artists from Lola Beauty wove their magic, leaving Rachel and her bridesmaids absolutely radiant. It was a picture-perfect realization of their initial vision.

Meanwhile, over at Hotel Ella, the stage was in the process of being meticulously prepared. The dedicated crew from Premiere Events handled the delivery and assembly of every essential element for the reception, spanning from the stage to the dance floor. Watching the stage come to life was a true embodiment of the couple's unique vision, one that would soon captivate their guests.

The ceremony was nothing short of perfection! The floral arrangements, lovingly crafted by Bella by Sara, were a sight to behold. From the bridal bouquet to the stunning centerpieces, their work brought the color palette to life.

As the day unfolded, Inbal Sivan Photography worked their magic, capturing every intimate moment and detail in stunning photographs that would become cherished memories. Musical Discovery's string ensemble set the mood for the ceremony, serenading the couple with melodies that tugged at heartstrings.

And let's not overlook the grandest celebration of the day – the reception! Brighter Side Event Lighting cast a warm, candlelit glow over the venue, weaving an enchanting tapestry of romance. The seamless fusion of rentals and florals fashioned a truly stunning scene.

"Let them eat cake!" The wedding cake, a towering masterpiece from Michelle’s Patisserie, not only impressed with its exquisite texture but also delighted the couple with its incredible flavors.

However, when the time came to hit the dance floor, it was the Love & Happiness Band that stole the spotlight, infusing the night with boundless energy and irresistible rhythm. Their music had everyone on their feet, dancing as if the night would never end. And just when the guests danced up an appetite, R + R had it all covered, even the late-night munchies. A delightful late-night treat awaited – Whataburger, the perfect craving satisfier!

In the late hours, as the Love & Happiness Band played their final notes, and the sparklers lit up the night, it was evident that Rachel and Reid's wedding was a celebration of love, and the promise of an incredible journey ahead.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and here's to a lifetime filled with love, and a dance floor that's always ready for a party!

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