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Unique Weddings in Private Residences

You probably know that a big part of being a wedding planner is finding the perfect venue. But did you know that there’s also an option to create the perfect wedding venue? We spoke to our skilled senior planners about how they did just that for Alexa & Jordan (by Amy), and Kylie & Joe (by Kelsey)!

Alexa + Jordan

Kylie + Joe

They both planned beautiful, yet vastly different weddings at private residences in 2021. Amy planned with Alexa and Jordan to transform a private ranch into an ACL festival-themed celebration perfectly suited to their personalities. Kelsey worked with Kylie and Joe to host a countryside, boho-inspired wedding at Kylie’s childhood home, full of memories and plenty of space to accommodate everything for the ceremony and reception.

Now let’s learn about everything Amy and Kelsey had to work through in order to make these magical days happen!

Alexa + Jordan

First, Amy tells us how she practically built a venue where there was no venue! “You have to bring everything from tents, rentals, lighting, bathroom trailers, and more.” Seeing how well all of the rentals came together, we think she did an outstanding job. To follow the outdoor festival theme, Alexa & Jordan chose to lay their own tents down, plus plenty of lighting from Ilios, to create a “glamping” vibe and lounging areas for their guests.

Their reception was created with tables and other rentals from Monarch Event Rentals, stationary by Fine Day Press, and romantic floral pieces by Bloom Bar. And just in time for cocktail hour, the 18th Amendment Mobile Bar came by to serve drinks all night long! Also, Amy (responsibly) contracted Uptown Valet to facilitate transportation for their guests.

Amy goes on to say, “Consider everything that vendors need. Like, bathroom trailers that need power & water. Caterers need a prep space, rentals, and equipment. Also, know how difficult it is for each vendor to load in/out with their big box trucks.” And yet with all of those obstacles to conquer, she made it happen! Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ catered their reception with amazing food, and soon after came the cake (baked by a close friend) cutting.

“The couple liked to joke that Jordan was bright and colorful and Alexa was dark and moody. They definitely were that, but they also made the perfect couple”, said Amy. The outside of the cake, much like Alexa and the other decor of the wedding, was dark, drizzled with gold, and paired with highly pigmented flowers. The inside was a bright blue-green surprise (like Jordan)!

While simultaneously coordinating the ceremony & reception setup, Amy also coordinated for Silk and Glow to do Alexa’s hair and makeup. Her makeup was so stunning, especially with the added rhinestones, nose ring, and braided hair. Lauren Parr Photography and That’s Amore Films were so lucky to see and capture her beauty in person!

The final outcome for Alexa and Jordan’s wedding was an amazing celebration full of love, family, friends, performances from Full Scope Entertainment, and further performances from the guests themselves. Amy’s favorite part was “seeing all the love that day”, which you can absolutely tell from all of the family and friends in Lauren Parr Photography’s photos.

Kylie + Joe

When we asked Kelsey “what makes planning for a private residence harder?” She responded, “All of it!” LOL. “There's so much that has to be considered, logistically. For Kylie+Joe's wedding, we needed an ample power source and space for Contigo Catering’s makeshift kitchen. Everything had to be cooked and plated in their garage and driveway. Thankfully, Contigo is a strong team with tons of experience! Their head chef, Amy, brought her A-Game.” Sounds like Contigo knocked it out of the park! We love to see it. Their dinner was served at their divine reception area, decorated with charming candles and dry, warm-toned floral arrangements by Whim Floral.

We adore the name tags - they’re agate gemstones with metallic calligraphy that Kylie got from Etsy! The rest of the table decor was rented from Bee Lavish Rentals, which matched the warm fall theme so perfectly.

Kelsey mentioned that Kylie and Joe were so kind and incredible to work with. “Kylie knew exactly what she wanted every step of the way, which made everything fall into place seamlessly.”

They held a bright ceremony in the backyard, with accompanying music by Deer Fellow, and then once it was dark, moved everybody to reception under a huge tent in the front yard. Kylie’s home was also warm-toned, so the house’s exterior paired so elegantly with their fall colors.

We are so in awe of how Amy Dang Photography shot Kylie and Joe (and Kylie’s precious pup). You can absolutely tell how Kylie and Joe are so genuinely in love in their photos. Kylie looks gorgeous with her hair and makeup done by Cassidy Elise Artistry! The laced long dress, delicately braided hair, and pristine white boots all look divine on her.

For Kylie and Joe, Kelsey mentioned a hilarious moment where Kylie’s puppy stole a whole piece of wedding cake before anyone even knew what was going on! “Her and her family thought it was very fitting that the dogs made their special mark on Kylie's Wedding Day.” The dogs, the couple, and the guests all had a grand time!

Huge shoutout to Amy and Kelsey for planning these events. By accommodating vendors, space, guests - EVERYTHING - they created an unforgettable day for their couples. Congratulations to Alexa and Jordan! And congratulations to Kylie and Joe! We hope you all remember these beautiful wedding days as fondly as we do.


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