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Lauren + Evan: A Wedding for some Die Hard Aggies

If someone were to ask, I definitely say I would describe myself as a very proud Longhorn. Strangely enough, I had the best time of coordinating a wedding for two Die Hard Aggies!

Lauren and Evan were two very sweet and grounded people with amazing parents. Their wedding day was forecasted for 5% chance of rain the day before, but then the day of, doppler was showing a 100% chance of a downpour. We had to call the rain plan that day, which meant the traditional use of the Sacred Oaks arch couldn’t be used. Instead, Whim Floral created two very large arrangements and put them on teak pedestals. This was key for later.

I can only attribute what happened to the power of prayer: An extremely dark and violent storm pushed through Round Rock, Pflugerville and Austin, however by the time it hit Dripping Springs, it created a U-Shape, putting us in a Sunny Bubble. While others in Wimberly lost power (confirmed by one of the Catering Captain’s husband), Lauren and Evan got married outside in a very unseasonably cool evening for July 15th. Since we made the call to move the floral on the pedestals, it didn’t take long for us to move those outside, we simply needed time (about 20 minutes) for our DJ to move outside.

One of the most fun parts of the evening was the bridal party announcement, even as a Longhorn, I could appreciate it. The bridal party came out to the marching drum a la Fightin Texas Aggie Football team, then as the newlyweds were announced, the beat dropped on Kanye West’s Power, just like the A&M football team. Of course they then all did a “Saw Em Off” on the dance floor so I had to turn a blind eye...This was executed perfectly by Neema with Bat City Spins.

Another very fun part was the garter toss. We couldn’t start until all groomsmen donned their sunglasses to sign Rick Astley’s “Never going to give you up”, it was too cute.

Whim Rentals provided all the linens and gold rimmed chargers, which was my first time to see on every table, it looked so elegant with the camel linen color!

Elizabeth Bristol was so fun to work with and provided amazing pictures! The bride’s dear friend Cooper was the videographer.

Altared Weddings and Events did a great job with lighting, I feel that lighting is perfect for Sacred Oaks to really warm up the space since it’s such a lot of real estate to fill.

In lieu of a cake, we got to style a donut table with delicious donuts from Drippin Donuts. The pieces holding the donuts were made by a family friend and will be used later to hold Lauren’s running medals. We had to taste test of course to make sure everything was good to go...

The couple did a sparkler send off and left brand new Corvette, using a service a la VRBO where you rent the car from the owner, how novel!

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