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Vanessa and Travis' Grand Lady Wedding

The sun-drenched afternoon of Sunday, September 10th, 2023, bore witness to a timeless celebration of love as Vanessa and Travis exchanged their vows at the exquisite Grand Lady venue in Manor, Texas. The wedding was a testament to classic elegance, adorned with pastel florals, and radiated a chic charm that will be etched in the couple's memories forever. Let's take a closer look at how their special day unfolded, with a spotlight on the remarkable vendors who brought their vision to life.

Vanessa and Travis selected The Grand Lady as the canvas for their love story. The venue, a picturesque gem located in, Manor, TX, provided the perfect backdrop for their nuptials. Grand Lady Floral, the talented florist team, graced the venue with their creative prowess. From bridal bouquets to aisle entrance arrangements and the reception hall's greenery installations, every floral detail was a testament to their artistry.

Art Fuentes, the visionary planner from Eclipse Event Co., masterfully orchestrated every detail of Vanessa and Travis' wedding day, ensuring it flowed seamlessly. With meticulous precision, he choreographed the day's events, ensuring that every moment was a reflection of the couple's dreams. Meanwhile, Pink Champagne, the design virtuosos behind the invitations, set the tone for the celebration with their exquisite stationery. Their elegant designs not only captured the essence of the event but also offered guests a tantalizing glimpse into the beauty that awaited them at Vanessa and Travis' unforgettable wedding.

The bride and her bridal party started their day, with hair and makeup artists from LoLa Beauty ensuring they looked resplendent for the occasion. Their impeccable work added an extra layer of elegance to the day's proceedings.

Honey Gem Creative was the photographer and videographer for the day, ensuring that every precious moment was captured in stunning detail.

The wedding ceremony, beautifully officiated by Colin Parker, was a heartfelt affair. Vanessa and Travis were surrounded by their loved ones, and even their dog, dressed in a charming little dress, played a special support role in their day.

With heartfelt vows exchanged, the couple transitioned seamlessly to the cocktail hour. The melodies of Mariachi Amor serenaded the guests, while the culinary enchantment continued with Bluebonnet Collective crafting a captivating grazing table that left guests in awe. Adorned with palm leaf disposable cocktail plates, this grazing table was a sensory delight, pleasing both the eyes and the palate.

Now Lets talk about the reception. It was nothing short of perfect and everything the happy couple envisioned. Premiere Events took charge of the rentals, ensuring the venue was equipped with everything needed for a seamless celebration. From tables and chairs to flatware and glassware, their attention to detail was evident.

As the sun began to set, the reception unfolded. Vanessa and Travis were introduced as "Mr. & Mrs. Adams" to the tune of "You're My Best Friend" by Queen. The evening continued with heartfelt toasts, parent dances, and the couple's first dance to "More Of You" by Chris Stapleton.

TX Pro DJ and Mariachi Amor set the stage for a night filled with music and merriment. Their music choices perfectly complemented the couple's style and the ambiance of the event.

Catering was masterfully handled by Micklethwait Craft Meats, offering a delectable menu that included mouthwatering options like brisket, bone-in chicken, pork ribs, mac & cheese, and more. Their attention to dietary preferences, such as accommodating the bride's nut allergy, demonstrated their commitment to excellence.

Michelle's Patisserie delighted everyone with a sumptuous selection of desserts, including a cutting cake with a tiramisu flavor and a variety of cupcakes and cheesecake squares.

The night concluded with a cake-cutting ceremony, and the dance floor remained alive with the infectious rhythm of "Valerie" by Amy Winehouse. Vanessa and Travis, eschewing a formal send-off, opted for a more intimate moment. They hopped on the bus provided by Around Austin, journeying back with their cherished guests, sharing laughter and cherished memories from this enchanting day.

Vanessa and Travis' wedding day was a perfect blend of classic charm and modern chic. Every vendor played an integral role in turning their vision into a reality, making it a day to remember for the couple and all who attended. Their journey together began in the most beautiful way possible, surrounded by love, laughter, and the expertise of the incredible vendors who brought their dream wedding to life at The Grand Lady.


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