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Meet the Team

We are Eclipse Event Co. and planning is our passion. Based out of Austin, TX, we make your visions come to life! We're eager to take you behind the scenes for a closer look at all that goes into planning an event. Here at Eclipse Event Co., we keep our ears to the ground and eyes in the sky in search of new trends that make their way into our lives.

Who is Eclipse Event Co., you ask? Together, Lauren Chumbley and Kristi DePew make up Eclipse Event Co. We're a dedicated creative team who strive for quality by taking on the big and the small to make your event a success. With over 15 years of combined experience in the event industry, both Kristi and I are a knowledgeable pair who are ready to get your show on the road!

We recently had our newest intern, Ruby, set up an interview to get to know us better. Her questions were unexpected but fun to answer. What a great way to introduce ourselves to you!

XOXO, Lauren & Kristi

1. Tell me about yourself, what's your story?

Lauren: I'm a wife, mother of twins, gym rat, Spurs loving, Bingo playing, all in all fun person who loves planning weddings.

Kristi: I'm a talkative, serial-remember-er, who is fueled by a combination of red bull and the desire to outdo myself. I am a mama, wife, orchid lover and a party planner with a panache for over-analyzing the smallest of details.

2. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you have and why?

Kristi: The Girl Scout in me wants to say matches, water purifying tablets and some rough and tumble shoes, but I guess if I was being honest I would have some aviators, US Weekly tabloid magazines, a case of nail polish (because all that sand would no doubt exfoliate my skin to look flawless, so of course my nails have to be flawless too).

3. What do you worry about, and why?

Kristi: I worry about forgetting lighters to bring to the weddings! I know it seems weird, because most of the time the catering team or the venue has one to light the candles, but I consistently buy 2-3 lighters prior to every single wedding. Who knows where they end up because I don't think I've ever gotten one back!

4. Which of the two animals would you say you are most like-a sheep or a wolf- and why?

Lauren: That's so tough! A sheep to me is a follower with no sense of self, and a wolf is a predator and all around not nice person. I pick neither. Why? Because I can!

5. Who would your intimate dinner party guests be, and why? Name three.

Lauren: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, so I could have something very pretty to look at. Jennifer Lawrence, because I feel like we'd be best friends and my husband Rob, to remind myself no to stare too hard at Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

6. Tell me three things no one knows about you.

Lauren: I'm a pretty open book, so I think people know most things about me, but if they didn't already know: I played soccer growing up and my team won a state tournament. My favorite wine is a Cabernet Sauvingnon and people say my homemade salsa is the best they've ever had.

Kristi: I love and respect all animals-but from a safe distance-because I'm scared of most of them! Not docile dogs or cats, but basically everything else, especially large birds! I have seen every episode of The Office about 15 times and can literally tell you what happens in any one of them. I was born on my due date, April 20th, and my mom's favorite joke is to say that that was the last time I was ever on time-which of course is not true!

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