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Recreating a Wedding Photographer's Wedding

Alanis could add another verse to Ironic to cover photographer Joslyn Holtfort's dilemma. This wedding photographer's own wedding pictures were all destroyed when her house flooded. It was indeed like rain on her wedding day. Joslyn was married in 1999, well before digital copies were easily saved in the cloud.

With no wedding pictures of her own anymore, she decided to recreate her own wedding with her actual wedding dress, rings and invitations in a Styled Shoot while partnering with Eclipse Event Co. Set at Allan House, their intimate and classic house served as the backdrop with shots both inside their vintage rooms as well as outside on their garden-like reception space. The beautiful garden tub inside the bridal suite worked as a perfect spot for our model to pose!

The bouquet and arrangement from Gypsy Floral were absolutely stunning. Flowers included: clematis, lizianthus, lilac, coral charm peony, old vine garden roses and daisies. They wanted to pay homage to Joslyn's original bouquet by including some of the signature flowers like the daisies and coolwater roses, and also add a create a fresh, luxe, romantic new flair.. The overlook complimented the soft vintage feel Joslyn wanted.

Rentals came from Kitsch Event Styling to compliment the overall early 20th century vintage look, almost Downtown Abby inspired feel.

Layered Expressions came up with some ornate desserts that worked best as finger foods such as petit fours. They were all edible of course, with everyone's favorite being the cake pops

The bride's side up do came from Brooke Dloughy and make up from Lauren Lumsden Make Up. Lauren came up with a romantic look for our model with a subtle, smoke violet eye and rosy cheeks and lips. The hair was done up and to the side to highlight the dress and its neckline. It was also a great excuse to put a beautiful flower in her hair since there were some to spare!

Overall, the pictures came back stunning: very soft, almost dreamy, and romantic, a perfect way to create new memories for the wedding photographer.

Planners/Designers: Eclipse Event Co.

Dress: Personal Collection

Floral: Gypsy Floral

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