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Dominion Country Club

A Club of Elegance

A quick drive north on I-10 in San Antonio, you’ll find Dominion Country Club. Renowned as the “Wedding Capital of the West End," this 24-year old establishment has over 25,000 square-feet of beautiful indoor/outdoor space.

As you drive up Dominion Drive, one word may come to mind. Elegance. There’s something special about being surrounded by large 100-year old oak trees, beautiful stone columns, hills of green and tranquil lakes neighboring the property.

As you walk in the main entrance doors, you will be taken back by its elegant décor and design. The Renaissance-style architecture carries over to the more-intimate wine room, where a magnificent chandelier hangs within a domed ceiling with a painted backdrop of sky inspired by Michelangelo's work. There’s an expansive dance floor with a built-in bar to entertain your guests all night long.

All in all, The Dominion Country Club is a beautiful place to celebrate your wedding or special occasion. Their staff is wonderful and extremely helpful. If you're looking for an experience of class and elegance, visit

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