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Ruby Forch

Ruby Forch

Meet Ruby, our first intern! Ruby stood out at the ISES Gala and ASE awards as one of our hardest working volunteers. We've found that she has a real dedication to helping others, making her a great fit for the Wedding and Event Industry.

Ruby loves upcycling and DIY projects, she has a fascination with bringing the old and antiquated into modern environments and has an obsession with underwater photography. She's a vegetarian and her favorite vegan-friendly restaurant is Spiral Diner and Bakery located in Ft. Worth.

Ruby is a Mass Communication major at Texas State University and has made the Dean's List several times.While in San Marcos, she surrounds herself with nature. When not studying, you can find her outside trying to climb a rock or floating down some unknown river.

We’re excited to work with Ruby this Fall!

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