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Elegant Simplicity: Sarah & Travis' Wedding

Sarah and Travis tied the knot on September 2, 2017 at Camp Lucy in Dripping Springs. The bride and groom were surrounded by close friends and family at their simple but elegant outdoor wedding.

The bride and groom included lost loved ones in their wedding by setting up pictures at a remembrance table, that guests passed by on their way into the ceremony.

It was obvious that in planning the wedding, Sarah and her mother (unofficial wedding planner) wanted to keep things simple but elegant. The décor was kept to a minimum in order to enhance the beauty of the outdoors in this venue. They let nature speak for it's self and impress all the guests.

Sarah and Travis added many personal touches to their wedding that definitely showed their unique and genuine love. They had a beautiful tiered wedding cake but also had a grooms cake that was catered to Travis personality. Guests were also able to enjoy Travis' favorite frozen yogurt, TCBY Yogurt. They even made sure to include their college fight songs into the wedding.

The bride and the groom had their first dance in front of all of their guests but once everyone left they shared an intimate last dance, just the two of them.

Wishing you two a happy marriage and may your love only grow stronger through the years!

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