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Enchanting Downtown Wedding in a Historic Hotel

Hannah and Matt are two Texans that actually started their love story off with a “pandemic date” via Zoom! They ended up falling in love and getting married on March 5th, 2022.

Hannah was the main mastermind who planned with Kristi from Eclipse Event Co. Hannah, at the time, was a Project Manager and she was very confident in her likes and dislikes. Kristi loved that she had a bride who knew exactly what she wanted. As a couple, they were committed to making every detail beautiful and meaningful. The ice sculptures were built after their respective important college buildings, the drinks were named after their dogs, they had fun facts on the cocktail napkins … everything was important!

Kristi was challenged to make Hannah’s dream wedding happen, which Hannah summed up as “Classy, elegant, and flowers, flowers, flowers!!!”

The entire wedding was grand and exquisite, which required a lot of manpower and planning to pull off. The Driskill was a perfect place to make a classy and elegant wedding work. Kristi said that with the jazzy music, sophisticated vibe, and cozy reception space, it felt like you were transported in time to a formal ball at Versaille.

At their reception, Hannah wanted an ice sculpture room that was a “girly” room with a photo booth and plenty of flowers with a feminine feel, while Matt got his own “man cave” type of room. It was a dark-themed room with midnight blue draping and linens, a dark-toned bar with upgraded crystal glassware, and of course, a cigar roller!

At the end of the night, Hannah and Matt were sent-off with a rowdy goodbye led by their band! Their brass musicians led the way down the stairs, down the main lobby surrounded by their guests, and outside to their classy getaway car. Hannah thanked Kristi for making her dream wedding come true. And the couple lived happily ever after!


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