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Sandy Toes and Windswept Vows: A Destination Wedding

It was a windy but beautiful day when Lily and Noah tied the knot in Puerto Rico. They had always dreamt of a beach wedding with their toes in the sand and they made it happen. The reception and ceremony was set up perfectly to match their vision, with beachy vibes all around! What made this wedding truly special was the fact that both Lily and Noah are in the wedding and events industry so getting away and creating their own love story was very important.

Lauren from Eclipse Event co. was the planner for this wedding and said throughout the planning process, they were super chill and happy, making everyone feel at ease. "Lily was the one making most of the decisions, but working with her was a real pleasure. It was a super fun experience, especially since everything was so inclusive and soft, just like their vision." Lauren was the only non-local vendor, but she fit right in. She brought an extra level of professionalism and creativity to the table, making the experience even better for everyone.

The Isla Verde Beach Resort was the perfect choice for their wedding. The stunning ceremony and reception space featured a two-floor dinner area outdoors, complete with breathtaking views that perfectly captured the beachy vibes. Lorraine's Flowers added an extra touch of beauty with their gorgeous florals, seamlessly matching the overall aesthetic from the ceremony down to the reception.

However, what truly made the experience exceptional was the professionalism of the hotel staff. They went above and beyond to ensure that every detail was taken care of and that everything ran smoothly. When strong winds threatened to topple the centerpieces, causing a moment of panic, the local florist stepped in with their expertise in the climate to secure the florals and centerpieces, ensuring they remained in place throughout the event. It was clear that the staff was committed to creating a flawless experience for the happy couple and their guests.

There were some funny moments throughout the day too. Lily and Noah love funny and goofy shirts, so they gave out tropical shirts to everyone at the welcome party. The photographer, Enuel Viera Photo, took an extra shirt and wore it with a tie on the actual wedding day, which was hilarious to Lily!

The Puerto Rico DJ truly set the tone for a night of dancing and laughter during the reception. However, one of the most unforgettable moments of the day was the roasted pig cutting. Even though Lily and Noah opted out of a traditional wedding cake, Noah had his heart set on the roasted pig cutting. It turned out to be a moment that brought everyone together, and the guests enjoyed a delicious meal afterward, complete with mouth-watering desserts provided by Isla Verde Weddings.

Overall, Lily and Noah's wedding was a dream come true. It was the perfect weekend getaway, with a beautiful beach setting and a couple that couldn't be happier.


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