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Wedding Weekend in Fredericksburg, Texas

We recently toured Fredericksburg to see what a wedding couple could do on an entire weekend celebration. Keep reading to see our recommendations for wedding venues, rehearsal dinners, accommodations, and activities to offer to couples & their families/guests!

This area feels inviting, comforting, countryside, and German, of course! Fun fact: the town was originally founded by German immigrants! When you visit, you can definitely see German influence in the area - the historic architecture contributes to the comfy town feel. It creates a cute & quaint essence when paired with the Texas hill country charm of the rural outskirts.

Couples that want a boho vibe, historic, rustic, vineyard, elegant, or modern vibe can get that environment created for them anywhere in Fredericksburg! Some venues we toured were more modern, some more cozy, but all were charming, beautiful spots for weddings or wedding-related events.

Keep an eye out for two more upcoming blogs about special venues & rehearsal dinner spots in the area!

We toured the new and improved Sunset Ranch Event Center and were totally in awe of the functionality of this venue. It has gorgeous indoor & outdoor areas that can be used for ceremony, reception, cocktail hour, and even more events upon request.

Also, this venue has a large and luxurious house with a large backyard that can accommodate 8-10 people!

Next, we saw the Hoffman Haus, which offers accommodations, spaces for rehearsal dinners, ceremony, reception, cocktail hour, and more (including a wedding party suite!). It’s only a block away from the Main St Shops.

Lastly, Swallows Eve is a grand venue with 35 acres that can house rehearsal dinners, a ceremony, full catering service reception, cocktail hour, and more. They’re well-connected with Fredericksburg vendors so as to help couples find where to stay, eat and hangout outside of the wedding. Swallows Eve is also partnered with a great restaurant for rehearsal dinners, Sage! You can book private events of any kind here, and they have different kinds of spaces to match whatever mood you’d like to create for your guests. It’s also located right on Main Street! Another lovely rehearsal dinner locale is Signor Vineyard. This 200-acre estate includes a charming garden scenery, a shop, and of course, a tasting room with world-class wine. It’s great for couples searching for a natural and fun dinner space.

As for where to stay, there are a multitude of modern, enchanting, and/or vintage options. We mentioned Sunset Ranch, and the Hoffman Haus have convenient accommodations, but there’s even more. There are several Air BnBs and Bed & Breakfasts located by/on Main Street. One in particular is the Fredericksburg Brewing Company, a Bed & Brewery! It has a selection of rooms in different styles, as well as a public restaurant, brewery, and a casual event space that even accommodates rehearsal dinners.

We recommend this unique town for a wedding weekend, both for the amazing venue options, as well as the endless possibilities for guest activities! Our #1 recommendation is to walk all along Main Street! It’s the heart of the town where you can find restaurants, bakeries, boutiques, activities, and references for farther places you’d like to see (like hopping on a tour bus for a winery, or the iconic hike on Enchanted Rock!) We loved visiting the cute Caliche Coffee shop, the feminist-inspired Twisted Sisters Bake Shop, and the delicious food at Woerner’s Warehouse.

Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to visit every single venue in the area, so if you’re interested in using a different Fredericksburg locale for your wedding/event, definitely let us know and we would be glad to plan it out with you!


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