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Saba + Elias: A Midnight Circus Wedding

The wedding technically was Midnight Circus inspired from the beginning, but we took a more Tim Burton approach overall by the end, even starting with the Guest Entrance. As guests arrived, we had the score to Edward Scissorhands playing in the background.

The venue was a vintage house with a clear tent in the back, perfect for hanging vintage black and white parasols. There wasn't anything too feminine on site, floral was dark and dramatic.

Not only did the bride where black, but she also designed her own dress! Saba was in the fashion industry and went to design school in New York. She relocated to Texas to get her MBA from UT Austin but never lost her knack for design.

The couple was very environmentally conscious: all candles were used, the flowers we donated at the end of the night, the send off items were fresh lavender which was biodegradable, and the bride specified no straws to create as little waste as possible.

Dinner was served plated for the guests so they didn't have to wait in a buffet line but rather be surrounded for a longer time by the black and white velvet linens from La Tavola. Dessert was a Cupcake and Candy Bar modeled after a Tim Burton Movie. The quote on the Wall behind them even referenced his remake of Charlie and Chocolate Factory with "The Snoozberries taste like Snoozberries!" on it.

The couple made sure to create plenty of interactive opportunities for their guests, who were invited to make their own masquerade masks. There was even a cameo at the wedding from "Salt Bae" during dinner!

To say the couple didn't want to be traditional is cliche in itself, but we will say their wedding video models itself after a Quentin Tarantino film, which definitely isn't something you see everyday!

In the end, this wedding was able to be elegant, black tie, dark and moody, lush and fun.

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