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Misty + Paul: A Wedding That Was Truly a Family Affair

February 23rd 2018 was the perfect day for Misty and Paul to say “I do”. And that is just what they did under the beautiful arbor at Vintage Villas. Though it was a gray and misty day it only made the colors pop even more. The beautiful red, whites and greens in the bridal party's bouquets provided by Bloom and Leaf were the perfect colors for such a day.

As the bridal party began their walk down the aisle a nervous but excited bride waited on the third floor in her villa for her wedding coordinator to bring her down. Once it was time, Misty began walking down the stairs in her big white princess dress and was greeted by her grandfather. When the music changed to “What a Wonderful World” Misty and her grandfather began the walk to what was going to be one of the most memorable moments of her life.

The ceremony could not have been more romantic. Displayed at the ceremony was a bottle filled with sand from one of their very first trips together. In the bottle of sand were two love notes that Misty and Paul had written to each other seven years ago. Misty and Paul each placed new love notes in the jar that talked about the certain characteristics that attracted them to each other, the reasons they each chose the other to be their lifelong spouse and the goals they hope to achieve in one year. All of their friends and family were also asked to write words of encouragement and place them in the jar throughout the night.

Just to make the ceremony even more special, Misty and Paul both had very special people standing with them. Not only were their closest friends standing with them but Misty's adorable eight year old son, Nathan, who was also the ring bearer, was standing up next to his mom with the biggest smile ever. And Paul whose best man happened to be his sister who was in the coolest suit I have ever seen.

Once the ceremony concluded the guests all gathered around to take a large group photo by the talented Toast Entertainment photographer who amazingly managed to fit 67 guests in one photo. Misty and Paul then began to take their newlywed photos while the rest of their guests enjoyed cocktail hour in the Travis Room at Vintage Villas.

By the end of cocktail hour the smell of delicious brunch food, a favorite of Misty and Pauls , smelled up the entire room. A very hungry Bride and Groom were quickly announced into the their Reception as they couldn't wait to try the food by Vintage Villas Caterers. As everyone ate their delicious french toast, Tortilla Crusted Chicken, breakfast potatoes, quiche, and other classic brunch dishes you could only hear the sound of happy guests.

The night only continued going well. After everyone ate their tasty brunch, dinner toasts were given, dances were danced, the cake was cut and garters and bouquets were tossed. The only thing left was to dance the night away! And that is just what Misty Paul and their guests did.

To end a beautiful night. Misty and paul walked through all of their closest friends and family while they threw white rose petals to send them off to their villa to get some much needed rest before they venture off to their honeymoon in Paris!

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