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Leah and Bryan's Dream Wedding

On August 10th, 2019 Leah and Bryan got married at the picturesque Antebellum Oaks Venue.

Moonlit Videography and Sarah Ann Photography captured every breath taking moment.

With rentals from ML Event Rentals and florals from JKL Floral Design, the reception hall was set to perfection with the couples vision; from their centerpieces to their card box and even their personalized sign in picture.

And behind the scenes Spec's, Pappas Catering, DJ Nix Entertainment, Michelle's Patisserie, and Lelia T's Catering were preparing for the merriment that was about to occur.

All the while the couple was getting ready to walk down the aisle with the help of Jessica Taylor for Hair.

They danced the night away. All the way to the end of the night when they were whisked away by Elektrica Limo, but not before gracing their guests with one final kiss.

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