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New Orleans Inspired Shoot

Creating a soft and simple look was our main goal when producing a New Orleans Inspired Styled Shoot. The gentle greens and whites used were a nod, not so much to Bourbon Street, but Magazine Street from Crescent City. The French Legation Museum in the heart of Downtown Austin served as the perfect backdrop with its Southern Charm without being too Gone With the Wind.

Any tribute to New Orleans could not be complete without Jazz, which is why we incorporated a mini-second line with a live trumpet player and wedding parasols.

We wanted the utilize the trademark fleur de lis but not overwhelm the overall look of the shoot with it. Instead, it was used simply in napkin ties, the back of the wedding menus and sprinkled in different shots.

Floral made up the majority of how we wanted a soft and simple feel, the smaller wreaths on the door were only greens (the eucalyptus) for examples so they could highlight the monogrammed letters as part of the ceremony. Green and white with no pop of color was the goal which we accomplished by using lilac, peonies, ranunculus, anemonies, roses, astilbe, larkspur, gardenias and eucalyptus.

LOOT's Francesca table was essential in pulling the look together since it had a white, French countryside feel to keep with our simplistic and clean feel. We kept the chairs grey as to not create a whitewashed effect, plus they were a complimenting neutral color.

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