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Mikee & McKinzey: I'll Be There For You

When a wedding ceremony makes not one, not two, but over four references to the show "Friends," you know it’s going to be a fun and entertaining night. Mike and McKinzey started their engagement with "Friends" references, as Brittany Jean Photography captured Mike doing the trademark “Chandler Bing Smile” during their engagement pictures. Moving forward to the Wedding Day, McKinzey and Mike wrapped their classic elegance vibe into a nice package at the Texas Women’s Federation. The traditional southern charm feel of the venue leant itself to their overall theme, but it also had a fun backstory since Texas Women’s Federation is located in the heart West Campus at The University of Texas at Austin, where they both went to school.

The Day for us started out with an added bonus of getting help from our lighting vendor, Altared Weddings and Events, with the Chuppah set-up! They then lit the perimeter of the ballroom with a warm white for the ceremony, which turned into a fun peach color for dancing and dinner.

One of the most fun games we play as coordinators is called “Flip! That! Room!”. Well, at least we see it as a fun game thankfully, it is quite an undertaking though to take a room that has been sat for over 160 people in a ceremony and change it to a seated dinner with candles lit and buffet ready to go in 60 minutes. Thankfully our team and Peached Tortilla along with Altared worked together to pull everything together. Food overall was McKinzey’s biggest priority and Peached Tortilla Catering definitely delivered an amazing spread of Street Food Flare and Salad! Texas Hill Country Events provided a super friendly team to handle the full bar the couple provided. McKinzey truly looked flawless in her Watters Bridal Dress and hair from Lola Beauty and makeup from Avery Allen.

Mike’s one homework assignment for wedding planning was to find a band and he definitely earned an A+! The Nightowls were truly a hit with their high energy and choreographed moves. The night ended with Shout that literally could have brought down the room (ok, figuratively, but sometimes I really need to drive home the point!).

The couple wanted to keep the design and color scheme fairly muted considering the blue walls in the ballroom were already bold (especially with the uplighting) so they decided to go with elegant Champagne Satin linens from Marquee. The did bring out the bling though for the cake and sweetheart tables with a Nude Sequin linen for each. The Floral, which came from Whole Foods, where McKinzey works, complimented the neutral tones with pops of whites and greenery. There were hydrangeas and roses which kept in line of the Classic Elegance vibe. Most of the centerpieces were unique pieces that McKinzey had procured over the engagement that almost had a vintage look to them.

The cake was an understated white buttercream from Whole Foods with floral assembled by none other than our Kristi DePew! Not to be outdone were the Dance Floor desserts brought out by the Eclipse Team with everything from Froot Loops to Oreos on them. After send off in a Classic Bentley from 4 Leaf Limo, we were tasked with taking all floral over to the Hilton Austin, where all the parents were staying so they could repurpose the floral for Brunch at Stubbs the next day. This just helps prove how valuable having a Wedding Coordinator on your big day can be!

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