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Maggie and Hunter: Casa Rio de Colores

Oh Maggie, my Maggie, what a fun day we had! In all my years of wedding planning, I had never seen a venue more unique than Maggie and Hunter’s at Casa Rio de Colores in Liberty Hill, TX. Since the owner of the venue was the same woman who owns Lucy in Disguise, a quirky costume shop on South Congress, I would expect nothing less. It felt like authentic Old South Austin with all its weirdness. Lots of chachcis everywhere, including, to my absolute shock and surpise, my same alarm clark from when I was in 7th Grade, my trusty chicken with it’s sunglasses and guitar that would sing “Woooow, yeaaaaah, hey baby wake up, come and dance with me!”

Maggie and Hunter made us (the Eclipse team) feel like we we’re guests at their wedding, they were incredibly warm and inviting people and their wedding was an absolute blast!

Everyone arrived 30 minutes prior to the ceremony to enjoy the open bar and beautiful weather. The venue is a sprawling acreage with lots of seating so the guests got to sit and relax for awhile before the partying really began.

The ceremony was set with a serene river in the background, the guests (save for the grandparents in the front row) stood up, keeping it light and laid back. Seven minutes after Maggie walked down the aisle, she and Hunter were married. Why wait any longer, they’d been together for over a decade!

Thus began the bulk of the partying. Appetizers and dinner came from one of our favorites: The Peached Tortilla. Tunes came from one of Maggie and Hunter’s friends from High School who is now a Wedding DJ: Coty Raven Morris.

We met Samantha Blanton with Blanton Floral when she was just starting out and wanting to do a Styled Shoot. We’re so happy she asked us to be a part of that day or else we wouldn’t have met her and brought her to Maggie. They also became friends and once Samantha’s set up was done, Maggie asked Samantha to hang out with the ladies while they were getting ready. Speaking of, Makeup by Val did an amazing job glitzy-ing Maggie and all of her bridesmaids.

Our photographers that night were the Husband and Wife team from B Turner Photographer, so fun to work with on this wedding.

Dance, dance and more dancing followed that night with a few toasts and cake from Dream Bakery in between.

The couple had glow sticks for send off (a favorite of mine as to not hand people who’ve been drinking for awhile a stick of fire). Most of the guests were able to stay on site since the venue had so many rooms and plenty of space for them to have brunch the next day prepared by the Aunts. Overall, it was a very fun wedding weekend for everyone involved!

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