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Ashley and Paul: Rustic Glam at Brazos Hall

Ashley wanted to incorporated rustic with glam and industrial, which almost sounded impossible! Thankfully we had the perfect venue with Brazos Hall and it's exposed brick to serve as a backdrop. The glam was incorporated from the grand floral, crystal chandeliers and decadent linens. The Rustic element made a cameo from the Grapevine Balls (twig looking light fixtures) that were placed above the dance floor.

This wedding was heavy on the glam at the end of the day, which worked perfectly with Ashley's beautiful Hayley Paige dress. So much gold glitter but all edited down to where it didn't look over the top.

We kept the downstairs linens a little more subtle so the floral could stand out more and not look too busy. We saved the ultra glam for upstairs cocktail hour with embroidered rose gold linens.

The ceremony was very clean and simple since it was at the downtown cathedral.

The couple wanted to have stations for everyone, however, we wanted to make sure some were not overlooked so we created clever signs to label each one. They were larger so you could see them throughout the reception space to better notice where the food was.

Table numbers were pictures of the couple at each of those years (10 year old Ashley and Paul at Table 10 for example).

Ashley and Paul's send off was complete with retractable streamers. They make for an easy cleanup, but they also make it hard for the couple to walk, which made for some last minute laughs during the evening.

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