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Lorena + Fabian: One Grand Anniversary

I’ll always remember the morning I was getting my twins ready for school and got a call from my friend Edina said she had a friend who was throwing a “fancy, dancy wedding.” You never know people’s levels of “fancy” so I kept my expectations moderate. The three of us had a joint phone call 15 minutes later where I’ll always remember Lorena firmly telling me, without me asking, “Yes, that’s right, I still have an AOL account” when I asked her for her email to send her a contract. I thought, “well I didn’t see that coming” but that was my first taste of this spicy, hilarious, wonderful person!

The vision at our first meeting a few days later was clear: classic, grand, beautiful. Emphasis on grand! We decided she was a classic Karen Tran-inspired bride so we immediately knew Carrie Beamer with Flora Fetish would be the right fit. She was the first vendor we secured, followed by a lengthy meeting with Ken at Premiere Select to complete the gorgeous vision.

After three venue tours of big, bold ballrooms, Hyatt Lost Pines was the clear winner for Lorena. She loved the butterflies hanging from the ceilings in the ballroom, but more importantly, she loved all the family activities there were to do on site at this grand resort in Bastrop, Texas.

We should note that Lorena wore a wedding dress and said her vows to Fabian that day, but it was their 10 year anniversary. 10 years and three beautiful children later, the couple was able to celebrate their love in front of family and friends who weren’t able to make it back in 2007.

The Inviting Pear put together completely hit the mark with everything from the invitations to the sleak monogram to our navy blue acrylic escort cards. We ended up lining them up in white wooden slates below incredibly ornate floral arrangements of white orchids and hydrangeas. We made sure to feature the monogram on a full size ice bar from Full Spectrum Ice.

Images that day were captured by Brad with Hyde Park Photography, who is such a cool cat! Of course one of our bestest friends Lauren Maria Films was our videographer!

The beginning of the day was a marathon of hair and makeup and mimosas! Lorena had hers done by her friend (who’s also a professional artist!) Dane Udas. Lauren Lumsden Hair and Makeup and Kara Sanchez Beauty were in on the fun!

We finally got to work with Bert McLendon and his Vanity Fair Booth. This basically made everyone look like they could be on a cover of a magazine. I can attest to how many Instagram likes you can get from it :)

The dinner that night was adult only, however this didn’t bother the kids, who I firmly believe had the grandest kids room you’ll ever see at a wedding. On site babysitting came from Grandparents Unlimited. Video and Arcade games came from Game Plan Entertainment. Cupcake Bar was on site in the kids room with their Classic Interactive Bar for the kids. They were on site later in the Adult Room with Roaming Treat Girls giving out flash tattoos and blinky accessories for the dance floor.

Fabian, the groom had secured what were told was a big name band from Mexico. Their stage setup was grander than any wedding band we’d seen and I knew they were a big deal when they started playing because no one danced: they were all filming the band on their cell phones. The band’s name was Grupo Pesado who as of today 3.7 MILLION likes on Facebook. They definitely brought down the house.

Speaking of bringing down the house, we feel Christy from Cakes Rock’s dress did just that! She stayed on site to surprise the Groom with a cake Lorena had the idea of: a very realistic recreation of his horse! In addition to that, Christy put together THE most decadent, classic and elegant cake we’ve seen to date. So many tiers, so many crystals!

There ceremony itself was also grand, we had no less than 10 players in the mariachi band who played the music as Lorena walked down the aisle with her dad. What made it extra seat is her Brother sang the bridal entrance song.

Just to make sure there were plenty of surprises on hand for guests thanks to Big Dog Pyro. They put on an amazing fireworks show followed by rose petal cannon as the couple was announced into the ballroom. It actually was a surprise to the groom as well which made it extra funny!

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