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Alex and Davis' Unforgettable Black Tie Cocktail Wedding

Love was in the air as family and friends gathered at the stunning Woodbine Mansion in Round Rock, Texas, to celebrate the union of Alex and Davis. The atmosphere was electric, with a modern twist on classic elegance, making this black tie cocktail party wedding truly one for the books.

Alex had envisioned a black tie cocktail party with a touch of modern fun and classic elegance, and with the help of Amy with Eclipse Event Co., Her vision came to life in every detail. While the final preparations fell into place, Alex and Davis were on the cusp of embarking on their most cherished journey. Simultaneously, Lux Beauty and Bridal were weaving their enchantment, leaving no stone unturned to ensure every nuance was flawlessly executed.

As the sun rose, the venue came to life, and the team of dedicated vendors worked tirelessly to create a dreamy setting. The picturesque outdoor ceremony site was adorned with lush floral arrangements by Wild Bunches Floral. Aisles were lined with medium freshwater arrangements in elegant cylinder vases, creating a fairytale atmosphere that framed the couple as they exchanged their vows on the front lawn. Carhart Photography, with their skilled team capturing both photos and videos, beautifully encapsulated every precious moment, ensuring that Alex and Davis' special day would be forever etched in memory.

The ceremony was a heartfelt affair, accompanied by acoustic melodies that added an extra layer of emotion to the proceedings. After the "I do's," the newlyweds led the way to the cocktail lawn for an enchanting cocktail hour. Aphrodite Oysters served up a decadent selection of East Coast oysters, enticing guests to explore the tantalizing food experience that lay ahead.

As the festivities unfolded outside the mansion, the reception area emerged as a realm of pure sophistication. Each guest table stood as a testament to artistry, adorned with meticulously crafted greenery by Wild Bunches Floral. These exquisite arrangements harmoniously mingled with glass chargers and refined flatware from Premiere Events, creating an ensemble that exuded grace and style.

Furthermore, the reception embraced an even more enchanting atmosphere, courtesy of Premiere Events' thoughtful provision of the tent, dance floor, Linens, and Rentals. This meticulous touch worked its magic, transforming the space into an ethereal haven where reality seamlessly merged with enchantment. Embracing this captivating allure, the addition of lounge rentals from Bee Lavish added a stroke of elegance, offering guests cozy and tastefully adorned retreats to unwind and savor the atmosphere.

Amidst this symphony of visual opulence, Altared Weddings & Events' masterful lighting emerged as a beacon, casting a captivating aura over the surroundings. Its luminous artistry guided the evening's essence, setting the stage for a truly extraordinary night of celebration.

As the evening progressed, guests were treated to an exceptional dining experience by Garbo's Food Truck. Lobster rolls and gourmet bites delighted the palate, making for a delightful culinary journey. And let's not forget the delectable cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes that added a sweet touch to the celebration. The cake-cutting ceremony was a sweet moment, with Austin's Elite guiding the couple as they shared their first slice. And let's not forget the stunning champagne tower that added a touch of grandeur to the celebration.

The dance floor blossomed into a hub of unbridled joy, skillfully orchestrated by Premier Entertainment, ensuring the energy remained vibrant as guests danced the night away. Amid this whirlwind of festivities, the black and white dance floor, thoughtfully furnished by Premiere Events, transformed into a captivating stage, hosting an array of unforgettable moments and ceaseless laughter. Adding an extra layer of delight, the photo booth stepped into the limelight, seizing candid snapshots and crafting treasured mementos that would linger on.

As the night drew to a close, Round Rock Donuts arrived to satisfying all the late-night cravings bringing a touch of local charm with their delicious donut holes. With everyones hearts and bellies full, A magical sparkling fountain departure by Big Dog Pyro lit up the evening sky, creating a fairy tale ending to a perfect day. Guests bid their farewells and sent off the newlyweds with love and well wishes.

Every detail was meticulously planned and executed, creating a seamless and unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests.

This black tie cocktail wedding was a true reflection of Alex and Davis' love story - a perfect blend of classic elegance and modern fun. The celebration was a testament to the power of love, bringing family, friends, and vendors together to create an unforgettable experience that will be cherished forever.


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