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Color and Sparkles and Glamour, Oh My!

Hannah and Daniel are hands down one of our coolest couples ever! These two were simply ecstatic to be getting married, and Kristi was ecstatic to help! She was super drawn to their chill, badass nature and their bold wedding vision. It was a match destined for success!

Hannah came to Kristi with lots of ideas. She wanted the wedding to be colorful, but not messy. She wanted touches of ombré, retro, modern, and chic, but wanted it all to ~flow~ together. Well, that’s where Kristi came in! She helped them choose all kinds of colors, textures and geometries to design their dream wedding. Now let’s get into the results!

First and foremost, they held their wedding at the iconic and adaptable Camp Lucy, specifically on their Sacred Oaks property. What’s great about this venue is the flexibility in design that we can apply - we can go with charming vintage elegance, or something more eclectic, sparkly, and modern like this wedding! And yet, both outcomes can be gorgeous with the right planning.

One of the key elements of making this wedding shine (literally), was the lighting by Ilios Lighting! They were the first to arrive on-site on wedding day, hauling in 4 chandeliers, 7 disco balls, and plenty of uplights and pin spotlights. As they did this, Camp Lucy’s staff began setting up all of their Whim Hospitality rentals, as well as special head table tableware from Table Manners.

Another focus was making Hannah’s floral vision come to life. Whim Floral put together ombre floral arrangements for the ceremony decor and head table, which came with the stylistic twist of pulling random flowers out at weird angles. It added texture in such a captivating way!

At the same time, Hannah and her bridesmaids were getting their hair and makeup done by Raychill James Makeup. Within that group, she chose to include 1 very close guy friend who she claimed was her ride-or-die, and deserved to be on HER side, not the groom’s! So, this bestie was crowned bridesman. We love it!

Once Hannah was ready, she went to go see her fiance for their first look. And Daniel’s reaction was priceless! Their photographer, Nicole Aston, captured the most precious photos of him overwhelmed with emotions upon seeing his stunning bride-to-be.

Just a short while later, the couple completed a quick ceremony and finished taking pictures together. All that was left was to eat and dance! All of their delicious food was done by Whim Catering, as well as the drinks and bartending - which is always super important for the dancing part!

Their DJ from Full Scope Entertainment got the party started, which meant the lights could dim and finally let the twinkly disco lights sparkle. The photos look so surreal!

Even the cake table was dressed up beautifully, which was set with a velvet linen and a floral backdrop. The couple cut their Simon Lee Bakery cake, and then went on their merry way to the dance floor!

In case you haven’t noticed yet, these two are the epitome of “cool”. During reception, they sneaked out to smoke their cigars rolled by Live Cigar Bar and got some amazing shots together (photo shots, that is, LOL). Like, how much more badass do they get?

After dancing, drinking, smoking, laughing, and having fun all night, the couple was sent-off, but not before getting a cute final photo op with Kristi. The big day was over! Kristi reminisced and emphasized how important it was to have their trust. These were really complex design choices, but it pushed Kristi to work it all out and make it happen to the best of her abilities. And the outcome was creating one of the most beautiful weddings she’s ever seen! We’d like to shout out Kristi for her hard work, shout out all of our vendors for making it happen, and ultimately shout out to Hannah and Daniel. You two gave us a really unique design opportunity and it totally paid off. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Seija! And thank YOU for reading!


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