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Over Filled With Love at The Omni

Introducing Alex and Ryan, two incredibly special people to each other and to us! Their love story began when they met through a group of friends, and despite Ryan's longing to date Alex, they initially became the best of friends. It wasn't until Alex's mom pointed out Ryan's charm and affection for her that she realized what had been right in front of her all along. Their friendship blossomed into a deep romantic connection, and soon they found themselves engaged and ready to embark on their wedding planning journey.

Alex's search for the perfect wedding planner led her to Eclipse Event Co., where she connected with Lauren, their talented planner. From the start, Lauren was captivated by the couple's colorful vision, finding it refreshing and different. Together, they dove into the meticulous details, both of them enjoying the process of getting super organized with documents and spreadsheets. Even tasks like creating a rental document for the various items from five different companies became an exciting endeavor. But it was the hours spent on crafting delicate, beautiful wedding invitations that truly paid off, as each invitation became a work of art sent out to their cherished guests.

For 18 months, the trio of Alex, Ryan, and Lauren worked harmoniously to bring their wedding day to life. And when the long-awaited day finally arrived, everything fell into place seamlessly. The choice of Omni Barton Creek Resort as the venue proved to be perfect, offering breathtaking outdoor and indoor spaces that could accommodate all the different elements of their celebration.

The day began with a stunning wedding ceremony overlooking the expansive golf course, where Twisted Tulip had created a beautiful, colorful floral arch for Alex and Ryan to exchange their vows. The music played by Terra Vista Strings filled the air with love and romance, while Uncle D officiated the ceremony, infusing it with personal touches that made it truly heartfelt and memorable.

As the ceremony concluded, guests made their way to the patio for a delightful cocktail hour. LOOT's unique furniture pieces and whimsical decor created an inviting and elegant ambiance, while Premiere Event Rentals provided sophisticated linens that added a touch of class. MirMir's photo booth brought joy and laughter as guests captured fun and candid moments. The atmosphere was set alive by the vibrant sounds of Blind Date, a talented band that had everyone moving and grooving even before dinner was served.

The reception, held in the Omni Barton Creek Pavilion, was nothing short of spectacular. The venue was transformed into a magical wonderland by the expert lighting of Ilios. Mike's Dance Floor became the focal point as Alex and Ryan shared their first dance as a married couple, surrounded by their loved ones. The skilled photographers from Christina Carroll Photography and videographers from That's Amore Films beautifully captured every enchanting moment, ensuring that these cherished memories would last a lifetime. And let's not forget the show-stopping wedding cake created by Sweet Treets, a sweet centerpiece that perfectly complemented the moody and unique aesthetic of the reception. The delectable desserts delighted every guest, leaving them with a taste of pure bliss.

Throughout the evening, there was laughter, dancing, and heartfelt speeches that created an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Alex even took a moment for a quick outfit change, surprising everyone when she stepped onto the stage looking absolutely stunning. Her dress was a true moment, capturing the essence of the fancy party they had envisioned. Alex and Ryan danced, laughed, and enjoyed every aspect of their wedding day, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

As the night drew to a close, the couple treated their guests to a special surprise. Gathering outside, overlooking the golf course, they were treated to a breathtaking firework show, the perfect ending to a day filled with love and happiness.


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