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Christine and John: Caribbean Wedding at Horseshoe Bay

The wedding of Christine and John was very special and unique. I coordinated the wedding with the couple in another country! The most difficult parts were the time difference, and IT issues. Apparently there aren't a lot of places with good Wi-Fi in the Caribbean... Also we had to rely heavily on photos of the venue because it was a private residence and the bride wasn't here to show me how she wanted things set. But it made the planning more fascinating!

The exclusiveness of the wedding we can observe also in a low guest count, so we needed to make sure that every guest is engaged in the reception, and a major part of our job was to make sure everyone at the wedding is taken care of, which is admittedly much easier if there are only 20 guests! At the same time it is nice because you do get a little more one-on-one time with each guest or group of guests, so I believe they feel they want to stick around for the duration of the reception.

Christine was really a no-frills bride, she had a very particular taste and accomplished most of her decor using her crafting talents! She made a lot of her wedding wine/winery inspired, utilized a lot of fresh plants and plate off of the natural beauty of the landscape at the home, and had personal touches from the islands incorporated throughout. She even did the bouquets herself, utilizing some flowers she made out of seashells! Christine's dress was Essence of Australia, which she purchased locally from Unbridaled. It was a sable silk underlay with lace over top, and fit her like a glove! Beautiful Reflections by Rouchelle Burdick added magnificence to the Bride.

The favorite part of the wedding for me was the ceremony. Bride incorporated vintage wine barrels provided by Pottery Ranch and lots of fresh greenery from the local flower shop in Marble Falls, and they were married on the dock of the home, which made for a really beautiful sunset lakeside background. The simplicity of it paired with the natural beauty of the lake really made everything pop in a very clean and beautiful way.

Quality Seafood provided tons of fresh appetizers that were made there on site at the home, including fresh oysters, crab cakes, gumbo, macaroni and cheese, hush puppies and all sorts of other amazing seafood! Dinner was served for each guest in their own personal mini colander, with crab legs, potatoes, corn, and everything else you would see at an island boil!

The weather was one of the hardest elements to this wedding because of the unique shape of the homes backyard, we had only one place we could set a tent, which would not have accommodated the entire evening. It actually poured rain for about six hours leading up to the ceremony, and completely went away for the most gorgeous sunset ceremony at 7 o'clock that evening.

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